Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shit I Just Bought

ha when all I do is bitch about bein a broke ass college kid, here are my most recent purchases:
Studded & Metallic Snapback
from: The Cult Label
I know I know like everyone has one but so whaaaaaaaaat I really like it and its fuckin cool and I want it. oh wait! I already bought it and it is currently being shipped

Shredded Rose Sweater
(not actually the Prairie Rose Sweater from Wildfox - but a pretty good knockoff right ?)
so I don't have the what - $250 or so for the actual sweater that I fell in love with months ago, so I had to wait for it to come out cheaper from some retailer in asia. I'm sure its shit quality but this sweater is too beautiful to care right ?

my secret to buying clothes on my nonexistent budget?? telling my parents I need things that I need then not getting them: for example, food. plus I'm sure it will do wonders for my figure.

also lol @ me just disreguarding my wishlist. me & my fickle needs. x

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


sorry for the shitty picture quality - took it on my phone. I don't really have a camera... but when I get back up to school, my friend Gabe has one, & he's the one who takes pictures of my me & my outfits & shit braj

but real talk, how ILL are these socks?!?!?
guadalupe, cheeseburgers & fries, and mushrooms (I'm assuming they're either death caps or fly mushrooms.........I'm in the fungi club at my school)

I wear them with cutout boots all the time. people give me weird looks

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012


ok, off to a really great start with the whole blogging often thing. actually kind of forgot I had this thing... yeah, well. I finally have a computer with a keyboard so this will be a loooot easier now. my last laptop got wine spilled on it I think? (white girl problems). I'm honestly far too privileged. moving on. I can type now, and with that being said, I should post more, but I don't, since I've been busy as fuck packing, to move back up north to school. I'm currently in the city of angels, in my bed, staring at my tornado-trodden room, wondering how I'm going to fit everything in my apartment next year. (white girl problems). to procrastinate packing, I blog, like now, or on descentofman, or ramble to my friends who dont give a shit or mainly online shop! more like online window shop, because I am a broke ass college kid. whenever I work I spend all my money on clothes or partying or gas money or the likes and end up having none left for more clothes (white girl problems). thus my current wishlist:

INDCSN BEANIE  - I showed my dad and he was like "but people aren't going to want to talk to you honey," and I said "but daddy, I don't think I'd want to talk to people who wouldn't like this hat..."

UNIF KICKFLIP DRESS  - but this picture doesn't even do it justice. check it out on the genius behind the brand, christine

EAGLES SHADOW BIKINI  - fuck the fact that it's "autumn" - I live in california. it's basically always summer. I mean even up north it doesn't really get cold til later on and I can still wear this top as a bustier and it's just so pretty and I want it so bad

LEATHER PENTAGRAM PURSE   - no I'm not satanic and I'm sick of people not understanding what the pentagram actually depicts. it's basically the western version of the yin & yang symbol

JEFFREY CAMPBELL MUNSTERS  - just seriously too fuckin rad.

 soooooo I mean if anyone wants to holla n lend me a few hundo......