Sunday, November 11, 2012

party & bullshit

hello~ I drew this:
& this is me backing it up:
p.s.i FINALLY learned how to twerk this weekend !!!!! after weeks of trying
hope your night is fantastic as mine
and happy veterans day!!!!


yo wasscrackin
ok enough of that.
if anyone is interested in stalking me I'd thoroughly suggest checking out my instagram


as u can see it's basically stupid pictures of me doing stupid shit, mainly taking pictures of myself in random mirrors witht the occassional picture of me taken by others. but there are other cool pictures of stuff on there like food & cats & my limited amount of friends & my butt

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deuces bitchesssssssssssssssssssssssss

Monday, November 5, 2012

50 Shades of Cray: DIY edition

Wadddup bitches
okay so *DISCLAIMER* i do not get the hype surrounding the book. like it did nothing for me - i'm not into twilight & i'm not a middleage sexually frustrated housewife. i know i shouldn't have to defend myself but like to all my friends who are laughing skrew u

as promised on, heres the DIY:

I liked this because I like body harnesses. I'll def wear it again. I based it off of this Zana Bayne harness and someday I wanna try making the pentagram one but legit w better materials. ok

what you need:
1/8th yard of pleather (or whatever material you want)
key ring

1. I honestly forgot the width of it but maybe 60" or something. But cut the fabric in half lengthwise.
2. Then get your superglue (DO NOT use fabric glue, DO NOT sew, literally I fucked up a lot of mine because I tried other things first.) and imagine that you're folding it in thirds (again lengthwise).
3. fold over one third of it and glue it down. then fold the other third of it and glue it down so it's a nice lil strip.
4. I'm not good at measuring so next I wrapped it around the area at the top of my ribs and cut it where it touched.
5. cut 2 pieces starting (touching) at the middle of your chest, around where the sternum is, and go all the way back to where the bottom strip will be, like on your back. I attached mine where bra straps would be, but further down my back
6. cut 1 piece from where those 2 touch on your chest down to the middle of where the rib part touches in the front
7. glue the 3 front pieces (steps 5 & 6) to the key ring
8. glue everything else where it's supposed to be on the bottom piece. I got lazy & didn't really connect the back; I used a safety pin. but when I redo it I'll attach a key ring to one side and then get some kind of clasp for the other to grab onto it.
9. eureka

ok I'm gonna do this later because I'm like 3 pgs behind on a research paper. but jus so ya know i'm not lying:

shit literally took hours. if you're wondering how I fit it into my schedule maybe consider the fact that I don't sleep. hype the f out of it cuz I'm broke and have to steal food from safeway so normally eat nothing but spinach so I really want $$$ for clothes thx dollz x

Saturday, November 3, 2012

la llorona

la llorona - the weeping woman. a mexican legend of a beautiful woman who married a man above her stature with whom she had 3 children with. he ended up leaving her and would only come back to visit their kids. she became so depressed and consumed with the need for his attention that she drowned her children to gain back his love, but when he paid her no heed, she had realized the terrors she committed. she then drowned herself, and each night, to this day, she awakens to walk the land of the living to try and find her lost kin.

Friday, November 2, 2012

50 Shades of Cray

the weird ass paint chip skirt & pleather body harness are DIY - I'll do a tutorial because fuck u I do what i want
hey I look like a child ^

^and there's my booty. aaaallllllll 4 u