Monday, March 3, 2014

menial shit

so i started to make a huge post of some of my favorites from the fw14 shows then i realized H had way too many so here is part 1 of several documenting some of my personal faves in black (I still haven't seen every single collection but it might take several hours of procrastination so)

A.F. Vandevorst

Ann Demeulemeester


Calvin Klein Collection

Comme des Garcons Comme des Garcons

  Creatures of Comfort

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela

 Organic by John Patrick

Sunday, March 2, 2014

hey i just remembered i have this blog so here's the only poem i've ever written & liked

 My Floorboards Creak Incessantly

Your nomadic back ascends
the biting reality
of my flesh—
catcall my goosebumps
as you scale the hailing peaks
littering my being.

Explore my moaning oration—
what is the scathing devour in your depths
and how can I release my own?

Modern muse,
pluck daisies from my skin
for the absence of fecundity is thematic
in your teething gnaw
on my ankles,
my calves,
my discovered ligaments.

Brew your angled arch in my back
and revert to foe,
seize what you refer to as
the culmination of mutual benefit.

Dedicated deviation courses through our mangled plains.

We debate
who pushes,
who pulls;
we debate
the nature of splitting stones
and terra-cotta taxonomies
(what really is cosmogony
and the violence in our pantheon—
our Genesis is pure chaos).

The would-you-rathers
       dramatically shift
to rights-and-wrongs.

So tear me apart.

I have only one objection:
in solidarity
I worship my own beast and have no room for yours.

So as you claw at my internal diaspora
to milk and honey,
remember that I am
but a body,
wrought with obscenities.

but the wonder
of an inherently fickle tempest
that rustles in tall grass
and is unbridled for our time being.

But I digress.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

damnit i had another weird weekend

to summarize: molly, stealing a stick horse, 3-legged cat named Otis Petting, someone's random and delicious nachos, dmt, threesome, no class monday, etc
I actually need to start focusing on school
it's 4:15am and I'm on adderall does that count?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


just had one of the most ridiculous weekends of my life. guess that is worth noting.
characterized by impersonating a tambourine player, free crepe, drinking too much, free cocaine, having a band and a half staying at my house, meeting the prettiest boy i've ever kissed, good music, licking rick onto and off of a cute girls nipple, pizza

fuck I keep forgetting to post shit. this blog is so stupid

here's some pix i took and stupid shit like that i guess

i have a flickr  but I haven't posted anything really on it yet so

Thursday, November 7, 2013

best song ever and talking about stupid shit

this song is soooooooooo goood

life is weird ya know
just like weird man

anyway I made out with one of the dudes from my favorite band:

when he pinned me up against that wall omg honestly like cumming-my-pants hot
it was a ridiculous night. totally work the 10 hrs of driving in a 24 period. my phone, ID, and $$ was stolen but... i got to make out with the MAN (one of the men? how do I pluralize and divide/specify that ? why are all my jokes so bad?) ugh all the dudes from the band and the band who opened for them and myself and a few others drank all night and I everyone thought i was weird for offering everyone present walnuts but I was just really hungry and like edible seeds and it's just my hippie hospitality showing

but other than that i haven't done anything but school & hang out & halloween was ok (I dressed as a stereotypical drunk white girl--abercrombie and fitch, mini denim skirt, uggs, pumpkin spice late, tramp stamp & all).

i convinced a few people "i was gonna be a cat but i forgot my cat ears"
ya know


Monday, July 8, 2013

live fast die young bad girls do it well

m.i.a. is literally a goddess: some sort of middle-eastern badass bitch from hell kind of goddess who reigns the world with the simple move of her hips. idk. all I know is I wanna fuckin ride a car like that.

this is a new track from the arctic monkeys titled "Do I Wanna Know":

I really love the music video because it reminds me so much of superjail animation. fucking AWESOME show

well i got prescribed vyvanse (basically adderall) so yippee I'll be posting a lot more

new shitty lookbook look:

I mean it was already 4pm so pardon my drunk expression and stature. the party was at this super awesome house with the craziest mountainous/canyon-like/forest-y  backyard I've ever seen. there was a slip n slide but the weather was extremely shitty after a week of high 80s--thanks northern california for your temperamental weather. at least we can count on its mood swings.

xoxo gossip girl