Monday, July 8, 2013

live fast die young bad girls do it well

m.i.a. is literally a goddess: some sort of middle-eastern badass bitch from hell kind of goddess who reigns the world with the simple move of her hips. idk. all I know is I wanna fuckin ride a car like that.

this is a new track from the arctic monkeys titled "Do I Wanna Know":

I really love the music video because it reminds me so much of superjail animation. fucking AWESOME show

well i got prescribed vyvanse (basically adderall) so yippee I'll be posting a lot more

new shitty lookbook look:

I mean it was already 4pm so pardon my drunk expression and stature. the party was at this super awesome house with the craziest mountainous/canyon-like/forest-y  backyard I've ever seen. there was a slip n slide but the weather was extremely shitty after a week of high 80s--thanks northern california for your temperamental weather. at least we can count on its mood swings.

xoxo gossip girl

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