Thursday, November 7, 2013

best song ever and talking about stupid shit

this song is soooooooooo goood

life is weird ya know
just like weird man

anyway I made out with one of the dudes from my favorite band:

when he pinned me up against that wall omg honestly like cumming-my-pants hot
it was a ridiculous night. totally work the 10 hrs of driving in a 24 period. my phone, ID, and $$ was stolen but... i got to make out with the MAN (one of the men? how do I pluralize and divide/specify that ? why are all my jokes so bad?) ugh all the dudes from the band and the band who opened for them and myself and a few others drank all night and I everyone thought i was weird for offering everyone present walnuts but I was just really hungry and like edible seeds and it's just my hippie hospitality showing

but other than that i haven't done anything but school & hang out & halloween was ok (I dressed as a stereotypical drunk white girl--abercrombie and fitch, mini denim skirt, uggs, pumpkin spice late, tramp stamp & all).

i convinced a few people "i was gonna be a cat but i forgot my cat ears"
ya know


Monday, July 8, 2013

live fast die young bad girls do it well

m.i.a. is literally a goddess: some sort of middle-eastern badass bitch from hell kind of goddess who reigns the world with the simple move of her hips. idk. all I know is I wanna fuckin ride a car like that.

this is a new track from the arctic monkeys titled "Do I Wanna Know":

I really love the music video because it reminds me so much of superjail animation. fucking AWESOME show

well i got prescribed vyvanse (basically adderall) so yippee I'll be posting a lot more

new shitty lookbook look:

I mean it was already 4pm so pardon my drunk expression and stature. the party was at this super awesome house with the craziest mountainous/canyon-like/forest-y  backyard I've ever seen. there was a slip n slide but the weather was extremely shitty after a week of high 80s--thanks northern california for your temperamental weather. at least we can count on its mood swings.

xoxo gossip girl

Monday, June 3, 2013

wassssup bitznatch

>>>2 of my fave songs rinnow

 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>low key bringing biznatch back

>>obligatory booty pix
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>i really hope this makes you feel uncomfortable


so there were only a couple pics from the show and tbh everything went totally shit and I'm super bummed about it, but whatever. here are basically the end results

there are a few pieces missing but I honestly doubt anyone cares i dont lol

at least my song was awzzzzzum

aleos' soundcloud
aleos' bandcamp

Sunday, May 5, 2013

guess how hungover I am and it's 5:22

reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hungover

unrelated note: I'm designing for a fashion show called the queer fashion show at UCSC and since I have a blog with 2 followers I thought I'd let yall know what I'm designing

these are kind of temp designs so I'm making a lot of changes, these were just to please(ish) the people who were reviewing my grant proposal, that I didn't get! life is grand

actually I just realized I only scanned 4 but here they are

the show is 2 weeks away and I haven't started shit wish me luck

Thursday, April 18, 2013

even cowgirls get the blues

go to my lookbook to see this same picture on a different website
wearing: diy thrifted dress (same as this one) / thrifted western concho belt w cool animals like turtles and rabbits and shit / thrifted thick knit black cropped sweater / leather choker from here / jc coltranes from wasteland

Edit: it got deleted off lookbook! I don't understand why.
this is the picture:

I cut the dress up to make it shorter but accidentally cut the front too short so everyone saw everything at school . it was a good time
then I wore it last friday when I went to berkeley for xxyyxx & mister lies. afterwards we went to the afro house (an african american co-op) and they had the most fun party i've been to in sooooooooo long

I just got back from portland all spring break at my aunt and uncle's and had the most ridiculous time. some guy wanted me to go to chicago with him and then I think wanted me to elope with him?? Idk I was drunk the whole time and bought a lot of cool shit and ate really good food. pictures to follow.

I'm currently designing for this fashion show called the queer fashion show, which is in may. I've been making a lot of new shoe designs too which I think are pretty cool but I'm probably off base completely. I have so much work to do. classes are crazy hectic as well

i've slept 6 hrs in the past 2 nights and I probably won't be able to sleep again until tomorrow night so please let me sleep vicariously through you

swEET DREAMSxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

she's morphine

alt j - breezeblocks
(my favorite song ever right now)

fidlar - oh

grant - earth in hindsight

that's what I'm listening to right now
music news:
saw mux mool, iceage, still caves, and fuzz in portland over spring break. toooooooooooo good . I went to see xxyyxx & mister lies @ berkeley for free the other night and it was suuuuuuper ill. I'm seeing local natives in less than a week which should be fuckin SICK . this year is a nochella year for me because after 7 years straight I needed a break. and last year sucked cuz it was 107 degrees and for personal reasons. but next year I'll just stay at the ace and get better drugs

Sunday, February 10, 2013


4ever srsly
why school why

im just like stupid inspired
so heres some shit I'm diggin rinnnnow
 seriously the one of the illest artists out there - watch out for her, shes a do mad things


more givenchy

 barbie arm jewelry by margaux lange

 christine - the biggest babe out there (and one half of UNIF) 

haikus by benedict smith

 palm tattoos

and who doesn't like classical cat artwork

i need to fucking focus ok bye

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well I'm trying to study for my french test tomorrow

and I can't focus for shit

and I just realized that I have been neglecting all things internet basically, except for those things that don't really require much thought. So I guess I'll muse to my invisible audience:

I guess it's been almost a few months since I last posted yeah? Well a bunch of shit has happened. First off, I broke two bones in my foot, sprained my ankle, and tore up my collarbone. It happened the night after Thanksgiving at a house party. There were approx 15-20 people on this shoddy wood balcony and it collapsed a story, a tumultuous sea of bodies sprawled beneath all the timber. We got pretty fucked up; besides my injuries, there was a dislocated shoulder, several bruised bones and sprained ankles, a broken wrist, two concussions, seven staples in one guy's head, and one kid got knocked unconscious. I still think I got it worse. I couldn't fucking walk for 4 weeks. YOU try getting around a campus on the side of a fucking hill on crutches. fuck.
the balcony I fell through

Well after that shit happened, I stayed home from uni for a week to get back on my feet (i'm a muthafuckin pun masta) and it majorly screwed up my school-work schedule & shit. I ended up getting a D in this art class, and my GPA is totally fucked because of it. Idk, it's just like my perfectly planned out future of bachelors this and masters that was crumbling away. Brick by brick, I saw the walls meant to guide me to "success" in the outside world erode away. Scary as shit. I was pretty sure I was going to drop out since I was already on academic probation. I had a really fucked up year last year - I had a bunch of mental problems I guess you could say - and this was kind of my chance to prove that I'm not a fuck up. Thank god I have a second chance.
 these are some bugs I drew/painted for my art class that my prof didn't like :(

Then came winter break. I got the flu, then bronchitis. It was seriously like life kept shitting on me, but for some reason I was still super content. Just think about it man, life is all around you. Embrace it. There has been a lot of death surrounding me lately and that accident where I broke my foot kind of made me appreciate my own existence. I could be fucking buried 10 feet deep right now.
^ piC i took on a plane

Then came the whiskey. And I made up some killer dance moves with my crutches. I looked like a bird. There were some sweet ugly sweater parties (I always out-uglied everyone). I always out-classied everyone too ;)

I came back to school and started anew. I felt so unabashedly refreshed. New classes, new look, I COULD FUCKING WALK, things were going really well. I went back home for a weekend and saw all my friends again. I had a tenth birthday party for my cat and got waaay too fucking drunk. Was hella hungover for my gramma's 80th bday party. But it's okay, I talked to my aunt and uncle and we decided that for my spring break I would go work at one of their restaurants in Portland. fuck yeaaaah >>

mad MS paint skills//flier for my cat's bday party:

Now I'm back in Santa Cruz. I got a job, the opportunity for the most relevant and fascinating internship I could possibly experience in relation to my major (history of art and visual culture), every boy I ever like thinks I'm repulsive but whatever, I bought my first bike, I got driven home by the cops the other night, going to random punk shows & shit; life is good.

(here are pics of me being vain) 

^ that is how much love I have to give
(you're welcome)