Thursday, November 7, 2013

best song ever and talking about stupid shit

this song is soooooooooo goood

life is weird ya know
just like weird man

anyway I made out with one of the dudes from my favorite band:

when he pinned me up against that wall omg honestly like cumming-my-pants hot
it was a ridiculous night. totally work the 10 hrs of driving in a 24 period. my phone, ID, and $$ was stolen but... i got to make out with the MAN (one of the men? how do I pluralize and divide/specify that ? why are all my jokes so bad?) ugh all the dudes from the band and the band who opened for them and myself and a few others drank all night and I everyone thought i was weird for offering everyone present walnuts but I was just really hungry and like edible seeds and it's just my hippie hospitality showing

but other than that i haven't done anything but school & hang out & halloween was ok (I dressed as a stereotypical drunk white girl--abercrombie and fitch, mini denim skirt, uggs, pumpkin spice late, tramp stamp & all).

i convinced a few people "i was gonna be a cat but i forgot my cat ears"
ya know


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