Sunday, March 2, 2014

hey i just remembered i have this blog so here's the only poem i've ever written & liked

 My Floorboards Creak Incessantly

Your nomadic back ascends
the biting reality
of my flesh—
catcall my goosebumps
as you scale the hailing peaks
littering my being.

Explore my moaning oration—
what is the scathing devour in your depths
and how can I release my own?

Modern muse,
pluck daisies from my skin
for the absence of fecundity is thematic
in your teething gnaw
on my ankles,
my calves,
my discovered ligaments.

Brew your angled arch in my back
and revert to foe,
seize what you refer to as
the culmination of mutual benefit.

Dedicated deviation courses through our mangled plains.

We debate
who pushes,
who pulls;
we debate
the nature of splitting stones
and terra-cotta taxonomies
(what really is cosmogony
and the violence in our pantheon—
our Genesis is pure chaos).

The would-you-rathers
       dramatically shift
to rights-and-wrongs.

So tear me apart.

I have only one objection:
in solidarity
I worship my own beast and have no room for yours.

So as you claw at my internal diaspora
to milk and honey,
remember that I am
but a body,
wrought with obscenities.

but the wonder
of an inherently fickle tempest
that rustles in tall grass
and is unbridled for our time being.

But I digress.

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