Tuesday, December 4, 2012

white girl wasted

uh well if you look @ my lookbook you'll see that I made the choker (ribbon & cross) & the skirt (got a massive dress at a thrift store and cut it up and sewed it back together) & the jacket is from H&M & the cropped tank sweater is from a thrift store & my daddy bought me my watch

but may my watch rest in the big clocktower in the sky since it no longer works; it broke in the same accident that broke my foot (this is a few week old picture)

it's kind of a long story but I'll explain later. I'm in a fuckton of pain and have to navigate around a campus on the side of a fucking hill on weak ass painkillers during finals YAY

but 4 real thank u based god that no one got hurt worse


well here's proof that I obviously can't take a serious picture. the 2 for my lookbook were the only ones out of the 10 or so that I could manage that didn't look ridiculous. i seriously fckin cannot handle being in front of the camera but i am trying 2 change 4 u plz accept me

my friend miles who i forced to take my pictures titled one of those my "shitting in the forest" pose ~ can u guess which?!?!

im fuckin weird
enjoy lovelies


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